Video: When Muslim Cleric asked anchor to go to work in underwear...

Video: When Muslim Cleric asked anchor to go to work in underwear to prove equality


New Delhi, June 12: “My clothes does not decide my character”

It has been ages since it was first said and women have to repeat the same thing over and over again. However, a huge bunch of sexist people are too sure of their authorities and does not miss a chance to tell women how to dress. Unfortunately, the fact that many of them are women is even sadder for others.

Thankfully, one of them was given a piece of his own mind when he asked a female anchor on Mirror Now to show up in her underwear to prove that women are equal to men.

The debate was held to discuss the existence of trolls that have been criticising Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Fatima Sana Sheikh and several others for their choice of clothes. The Muslim cleric was there to express his opinion on the people who were trolling Fatima for wearing a bikini during Ramadan.

“I am telling you, wear an underwear and come. You will become equal to men. Wear an underwear and come to debate. There will be equality between men and women,” Maulana Yasoob Abbas shouted to anchor Faye D’Souza.

She ignored it once, twice but gave the Maulana a well-deserved lecture when he was repeatedly requesting for one.

D’Souza was seemingly prepared for the sexist remarks as she said: “I have seen many like you”.

She asked all panel members to be silent and went ahead with a calm composure.

“He hopes that he will rile me up. He hopes that I will throw a fit, and I will lose control of my panel and forget how to do my job. Let me tell you Maulana ji, I have seen many like you. I am not afraid of you, I am not threatened by you, most of all, I am not rattled by you.”

“All you men think that if you rattle Sana Fatima when she is doing her job, if you rattle Sania Mirza while she is doing her job, if you rattle women then they will run back into their kitchens and leave the world for you again to conquer, I have news for you, we are not going anywhere. “