Mumbai: Woman allegedly raped in moving train by pantry car employee

Mumbai: Woman allegedly raped in moving train by pantry car employee


New Delhi, June 14: Government Railway Police (GRP) of Surat registered a case on Monday after a 23-year-old-woman was allegedly raped inside a moving train by a pantry car employee identifed as Ajmer Khan (30) on June 9.

The woman lodged a complaint in Jaipur after the train reached and later police in Jaipur railway brought the woman to Surat and transferred her complaint on Monday.

In her complaint, the married woman, a resident of Ghaziabad alleged that she was travelling to Jaipur in Bandra Jaipur Aravalli Express.

She was with another woman and they were in an unreserved coach. Since they coach was overcrowded, they were uncomfortable and were worried as they were travelling up to Jaipur.They met a staffer from the pantry car on the train who promised her a seat at a better place on the train and took her to a cubicle in the pantry car. He then raped her and told her he would throw her off the train if she spoke to anyone about it.

Initially the case was registered at GRP Jaipur and later transferred to Surat GRP. Khan was arrested under the section 376 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

“The case was first registered at GRP Jaipur on Monday and was later transferred to GRP Surat. We will arrest Khan once he reaches Surat on Wednesday,” said the official.