Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress Saumya Tandon gets MARRIED?

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress Saumya Tandon gets MARRIED?


This is 2016 but a few things just never change. Say for example, actors not interested in talking about their marriage. Case in point is Saumya Tandon, who by the way, is MARRIED! Yes, you read right. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai actress has apparently secretly married her boyfriend Saurabh Devendra Singh in a private ceremony in Mumbai. According to Bombay Times, it happened only a few days ago. When the daily contacted the actress for a confirmation, she said, “I have no comments. I don’t want my life to be a question-answer session for people.

What I do in my personal life is not for people to know. The minute I open up about my personal life, it will have a snowball effect; the world will demand to know even the minutest details. I can’t let my private matters become a public spectacle.” (Also read: Yay! Jay Bhanushali and Saumya Tandon to reunite on TV)

Last year, there were talks about her tying the knot. A popular entertainment daily had reported that Saumya, has been in a relationship with Saurabh, eversince she became an actress and the two have known each other since the past 10 years. It was Saurabh who encouraged Saumya to pursue acting. It was also reported that Saurabh was Saumya’s best friend’s friend and the two came to know one another, when Saumya was studying in college. While talking about her relationship with Saurabh to the daily, Saumya had said, “He has been a great support after my father passed away.

He has continued to be my friend, philosopher and guide. Marriage is just a matter of signing the papers now. I am very happy that I have Saurabh in my life. He was earlier living out of the country and we shared a long-distance relationship, but now he is working in Mumbai. Currently we are both busy with our work, and as soon as we find some time, we will tie the knot.” And it seems finally they did make some time to get married.